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Biokal is becoming Accordia

When we began business, about half a century ago, we named ourselves Biokal, from two Greek words, biomechania (industry) and kalodia (cables.) Its straightforwardness served our rapidly growing Greek market and Biokal came to mean the most reliable and popular coaxial cables in the Greek technical world. We had arrived…or had we? We were soon ready for the international stage with our message that there are cables and then there are CABLES!

And so today, with the next fifty years to prepare ourselves for, as industry leaders at home and recognised quality producers in 3 continents, our brand needed a better name. It got it! Accordia!


Our name sends three messages, intertwined with our values and our production methodology:

  • We manufacture and deliver cables exactly to the specifications you request.
  • Each meter of cable we produce meets the highest international technical standards, even before those standards become mandatory regulations.
  • We take care to find the appropriate technological, productive and economically viable solutions for your needs.

Accordia means

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, advanced 5G mobile networks are being developed to use a range of frequencies previously available only for TV transmissions and therefore increasing the likelihood of interference. So, a standard coaxial cable isn’t enough. Our Accordia A+ and A++ cables have enhanced electromagnetic shielding and have foreseen the issue. In fact, this is just one example of our future proof design policy. Do you want more examples? Our own B2ca speaker cables for smart buildings. You’re better off getting the most technologically advanced cables and particularly those that come with a long-life guarantee, exactly like every Accordia cable!









Καλώδια σε μεγάλα κουβάρια

What changes together with the new Accordia name?

New cable categories that cover a wider range of use, broader international distribution, and even closer to the system integrator / installer…

What stays the same, as always, in Accordia?

Our values do. Our production methods do. The good faith you can place in partnering with us.

Signal quality counts
(and is measured!)

Signal losses, reflections and interference, cable mechanical strength, shielding efficiency ...
in wiring every detail counts! To ensure top signal transmission you have to avoid compromise of any kind. If, for example, you use standard F-type screw connectors instead of our FC-5170, cable screening performance will drop by 5-15 dB anywhere between 30 and 3000 MHz. It is a measurable and indisputable fact!

Μέτρηση ποιότητας του σήματος των καλωδίων

Video, sound and data
– you can trust Accordia

We were there, in the television market boom in the 70's and 80's, producing coaxial antenna cables like the Vector, which became a best seller in a short space of time, exceeding the then market standards.

Πολύχρωμα καλώδια

Regarding safety, Accordia means complete protection

As the need for crime and fire protection in homes, office buildings and production facilities increases, so do alarm, access control and fire detection systems.

Design and install with Accordia!

If you're not a professional cable manufacturer yourself, you'll probably benefit from our knowhow as much as from our own products.

Accordia, αποθήκη υλικών

Biokal becomes Accordia and continues to produce more advanced and future proof cables – cables beyond standards

Accordia, καλώδια γραφικό